Crusader....what more can you ask for? -Jáy
Stick with Crusaders and you will go far. -Jáy
Sit back and put life on cruise control, enjoy the ride with Crusader.-Prince Tridon


Place to put down what you liked bout recent things, such as events, freerealms updates, etc. Or just to put down how you feel about Crusader

Quotes In boring days,Crusader is the place to be. People are nice, people would take there time to do anything. Crusader makes your life complete. Quotes
My Crusader Motto

Quotes Hello! When i joined this Guild i said "wow" This is like the best people in it and they truly are dear 2 my life. I think Jay is a great leader! and all the people heh, I am glad 2 have this guild being part of my life :D Quotes
Thank you!

Quotes Crusader was the guild for me when I didn't have anywhere else to go. Although I had lots of guilds to choose, Crusader was the guild to go. They took me in, and treated me as family. They were like my brothers and sisters. I miss my fellow officers and members dearly, like Nathan Greenspire, Jax Zinc, and Sleepy1. I always believed in Crusader, and i'll keep believing. Thanks for the times together! Quotes
Former Officer

Quotes Crusader for breakfast,lunch,dinner,and midnight snack Quotes
Zoe tiny foot
this is a quote

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