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27 years old
Detroit, Michigan.
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This police dude comes up to me and asks me "Sorry to bother you sir but have you seen a naked hobo?" and then i said "Why No I haven`t seen a hobo especially a naked one" so, he walks off i keep on walking and then like a mile later i first  see a pair of socks, then i see some capris, after that i saw a shirt and a bra (now i am thinking to myself wtf?!?), and now i see a pair of effin panties?!??!? so i keep walking prepared to see what was coming but, what i come to see a mile later is a effin naked buff hobo chilling out on a some cement thing and the effin effed up thing is that its not a FREAKING WOMAN ITS A DUDE! (So, Im thinking WTF why was he wearing a bra, capris and panties?!?) so after i see the dudes junk just effin flapping in the air he sees me ( i start thinking oh S#!T!) so i start backing up and sure freaking enough the naked hobo starts chasing me!!!! So, i run 2 whole miles! plus the 1 mile it took to get to the where the police dude was and once i got there i scream out POLICE DUDE HERES THE NAKED CROSS DRESSING HOBO EFFIN GET HIM BEFORE HE GETS ME!!! The Police dude finally catches him and i kept on running saying -hahahaha WHAT!- so i walked another mile to get to the bus and i got on it before it left and i stop and i think- if this effin bus had came earlier i wouldnt have had to seen that o_o- so, after that whole thing i get off at the bus stop about like 5 miles away from it, only to see another effin trail of clothes and at this point i start thinking "WTF WHY DOES THIS KEEP ON EFFN HAPPENING TO ME?!?" and since there were no other way to get to where i was going i had to keep on going forward. a mile later i see not just a hobo but a fat, ugly, naked, and dirty hobo woman and i say "WTF? usaully a guy would be like ALRIGHT! but since she was fat, ugly, and dirty it wasnt ALRIGHT IT WAS A OMFG" she sees me and i start running away and she kept on screaming "C`MON BABY  COME TO MAMA- and i was like O_O WTF?!? GET THE H$#L AWAY FROM ME!" and i keep on running and on the next block i see a fat naked dude just walking "why he was walking whiile naked your guess is as good as mine!" but i run faster and i hide behind him, til` the fat woman cought up and when she got close to him i pushed him on her although it took a min >_> and i ran again and i looked back to see if they chasing me but what i saw would haunt me.... all i saw was fat flapping everywhere as i saw two fat ppl "getting it on" in the effin street and at that time i think i went blind for a min and ran into a tree but  being traumatized by that site of the "them"  i didnt feel pain and just kept running so i starts thinking that it would be better if i just went home.... the next day i was going to walk and take the bus but i figure im not doing that S#%T again so, i call my friend to give me a ride to work, and we end up passing the place and what we saw was a effin hole and cracks everywhere where "they" were "getting it on at"  so i say to my friend "good times,  good times.... WHO THE H#$L AM I KIDDING THAT WAS THE WORSE EFFIN DAY EVER!!"  then my friend said lets go on a vacation  and i said H#ll yea TO THAT!  LETS EFFIN GO TO BARBIE WOLRD!" then we start singing, Imma Barbie Girl In a Barbie World..... Wrapped in plastic its fantastic! C`mon Barbiel Lets go party! Oh! Oh! Oh! Yea! ok maybes that not what we said but h#$l why not?!? -evil laugh fading-                      


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Reply andrea_wolf_x]
1:24 AM on September 18, 2010 
ur mean :D
Reply Dárk Avenger
5:18 PM on June 16, 2010 
i found it on internet edited it on a site and here it is.
Reply stephanie mistywings
12:19 AM on June 16, 2010 
where'd u get that pic on ur profile? its cool.
Reply stephanie mistywings
11:04 AM on June 11, 2010 
Reply Dárk Avenger
8:48 PM on June 8, 2010 
Yea! SOME BOYS RULE! wait a sec... i am not a boy i am a young man i am 15!
Reply stephanie mistywings
9:22 AM on June 8, 2010 
hmm every boy i meet likes the same anime.
Reply Dárk Avenger
12:31 AM on June 8, 2010 
bleach, naruto shippuden, Katekyo Hitman Reborn (awesome show after episode 19), one piece now and thats it right now
Reply stephanie mistywings
12:28 AM on June 8, 2010 
what kind of anime shows do u watch?
Reply Dárk Avenger
10:06 PM on May 9, 2010 
lol. uh, i guess its good to be in the club? :P
Reply stephanie mistywings
7:47 PM on May 9, 2010 
sweet! you like anime just like me and naomi

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