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Its Started!!!

Posted by Jayrenegade on September 4, 2011 at 3:50 PM

Overall Brackets

Also on this post i shall continue to update the teams point each week. Remember to try to duel one opponent each weekend and one opponent each week. Also most important remember...


1. Its your job to find your opponent and duel them, I will help though.

-If you wish you can try to have a Crusader Officer/Leader there to ref the matches but this is not required

-Before engaging in a duel, make sure your opponent knows the rules too, atleast for the first 2 rounds


2. NO Potions, Orbs, Illusions, Chance-To-Heal-When-Hit Shards, or Glitching (I consider the teleport to help a glitch)

-WATCH OUT for Vampire Shards. Though they my seem like healing, it does actually look different than energy potions. Leaving a match when mistake is up to the other person to decide whether or not to count it as a win or a redo.

3. Each match is a best 2 out of 3 duels

-If somebody used a potion, etc. then 1 of those matches counts as a loss, not all 3

-No excuses shall be allowed, we’re sorry but if your lagging or anything else, your opponent has the right to kill you

-Notify a leader or officer or this site when you win or lose.

4. There shall be no cursing or any other kinds of bad sportsmanship


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