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Capture The Flag (dueling)

Posted by Jayrenegade on August 9, 2010 at 3:43 AM

Ok, this Saturday (whenever we both have lots of ppl online) Crusader and Primarus are going to play a little FRIENDLY game of Capture the Flag, the dueling version. Since this is for all who show up, You don't Have to sign up here, but you can if you want to and it would help. For all those too lazy to look up the rules, here they are :P

-To win you have to get to the other teams "flag" (told beforehand)


-No teleporting at all while inside either territory (told beforehand)


-When attacking the other teams territory, if seen you will have to battle the other person's who either clearly see you or have told you that they see you.


-you Can use orbs and potions when in battle


-the losers (if defending) are "dead" for five minutes (standing still, no talking at all or movements, try to keep accurate time, we will know if you start really early


-the losers (if attacking) have to walk back to the warp stone they came from and teleport back to their territory, they Can defend that place but can't attack for five minutes


-Remember this is just for fun, if you come to a disagreement because of a glitch, just duel again and one of you record the match if you really want to prove your point, but don't lie about losing and don't start real fights



Team 4A (attacking), with 4 people, are spotted by team 2D (defending), which has 2 people. So team 2D calls out to the enemy that they have spotted team 4A and they have to battle, so they each pick a person for who will duel for that group, team 2D lost that first match, though now they whispered for back up to come, now team 2D just won their second match. But in the third match, the last person on team 2D lost before backup arrived, so the group 4A moves on into their territory (but the person who lost has to go back) and group 2D now has to be "dead" for five minutes... etc, etc, Basically same thing for other matches


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Even though my computer is going slow I will join in.
Reply Richard Stonytracer
3:41 PM on August 14, 2010 
Sounds pretty fair and i got a new profile pick its nightwing AKA robin the boy wonder