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Crusader Auction

Posted by Prince Tridon on August 14, 2012 at 9:10 PM

Crusader Auction

If you are looking for something you want cheap but are having a hard time to find it then you can possibly get it at Crusader Auction.

Are you tired of not getting things you want cause of just a simple item you dont have.

Are you just looking for something to have fun with then a auction put on by Crusader is the place to be.

Auction Rules

  1. If you bid on a item make sure you have the payments ready to pay for the item.
  2. Make sure you keep track of what you buy so just in case there is a mix up or something.
  3. Please try to play fair and dont be a jerk cause you dont want them to have it.
  4. Also, the sellers have the right to have a reserve (price that the seller has on the item before they can sell) on the item before they sale.
  5. And no cursing or swearing at anyone or the auctioneer cause they were trying to skip you or look over you.
  6. And if you are going to sell some items in the auction, Crusader gets 25% of what you sell at the auction after you get done selling.

Auction Sellers

This is where our participates put there names who inticipate on selling at the auction.

If you are not planning on selling anything at the auction, just come out and have a good time and bid on some items of your choosing that catches your eyes.


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