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Free Realms Sunrise

Posted by Jayrenegade on April 17, 2019 at 2:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi Team!

In case you hadn't heard: Free Realms is dead — long live Free Realms Sunrise! For the past few years, this emulator project has endeavored to return the beloved family MMORPG that ran from 2009 to 2014. While Free Realms Sunrise isn’t ready for a full-fledged release, the volunteer team behind it is excited to show off the progress that it has made on the MMO so far. (

Give the progress video a quick watch below and see if it might trigger some fond nostalgia in you!

Lastly, if you are interested in keeping tabs or reconnecting with old buddies, feel free to join our Discord Server:

Best Wishes,

Jáy Nightblade

Its Started!!!

Posted by Jayrenegade on September 4, 2011 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Overall Brackets

Also on this post i shall continue to update the teams point each week. Remember to try to duel one opponent each weekend and one opponent each week. Also most important remember...


1. Its your job to find your opponent and duel them, I will help though.

-If you wish you can try to have a Crusader Officer/Leader there to ref the matches but this is not required

-Before engaging in a duel, make sure your opponent knows the rules too, atleast for the first 2 rounds


2. NO Potions, Orbs, Illusions, Chance-To-Heal-When-Hit Shards, or Glitching (I consider the teleport to help a glitch)

-WATCH OUT for Vampire Shards. Though they my seem like healing, it does actually look different than energy potions. Leaving a match when mistake is up to the other person to decide whether or not to count it as a win or a redo.

3. Each match is a best 2 out of 3 duels

-If somebody used a potion, etc. then 1 of those matches counts as a loss, not all 3

-No excuses shall be allowed, we’re sorry but if your lagging or anything else, your opponent has the right to kill you

-Notify a leader or officer or this site when you win or lose.

4. There shall be no cursing or any other kinds of bad sportsmanship


Congratz :D

Posted by Jayrenegade on August 5, 2010 at 12:41 PM Comments comments (3)

OK, here are the Monthly Winners for the month of July :D. Sorry if it took so long, was super lazy XD


Crusaders Award

This monthly winner for this month is Lance Crazycharm, Nathan Greenspire, and Rlene :D Both have had the spirit have Crusaders running through their veins XD. Hope they stay in Crusader and help it out for months more. All have been either super Social, helpful, or spreading the word of Crusader :P

Best Quote of the Month

None :(


Best Crusader-Productive Art Contest

None :(


Honorable Member of the Month

This month's winners is Lance Blazeknight and Nathan Greenspire :D Hope they stay in Crusaders forever more, both have the top amounts of invitations to the guild and invitations to the website :P

New Code Found

Posted by Jayrenegade on July 26, 2010 at 5:59 PM Comments comments (0)

Several members (lolaya,Trish19 & Jakearoo) of FRI have reported finding a new code today. Type in Popsicle and you will receive a Triple Layer Popsicle. Eating this food will cause pixie dust to appear around the player for 30 minutes.


This has been the first code anyones found for months! Great find guys!

Clash of the Titans

Posted by Jayrenegade on July 4, 2010 at 1:01 AM Comments comments (6)

Who are the Titans? Well in this Tournament it includes Crusader (The Host Guild),  Arathi (The Popular Guild),  Young Trouble and Double Trouble (The Prize Contributors), and certain members of Renegade and Primarus (The Friend Guilds). This event involves Duel Tournaments of dynamic proportions, happening only twice a year, though right now is the more competitive and greatest accomplishment to win as more people play during the summer. As of now this tournament is invitation only by the Crusaders Guild, so it's exclusive and awesome to be in.

This event will have 7 total Brackets, one for Ninja (most competitive), one for Brawler, another for Warrior, one for Archer, one for Medic, one for Wizard, and a Tournament of Titans. You can enter as many of them as you want, though you have to win to be able to be in the Tournament of Titans. To enter, tell your leader Your Name, the Times and Days you are able to get online usually, your time zone, the jobs you are entering and what your levels are for those jobs, or just leave a message on the site you belong to. There is a two (3) week period from the time this is post to the event beginning, the event actually starting Tuesday July 20, 2010, so make sure to sign up before then.

The Rules Are as Follows...

-Each round will last one (1) week, so you have that time to look up who you have to duel and for what (Brackets will be posted on the websites) and find them (Though you can go ahead of schedule if both you and your opponent is ready)

*If you don't know your opponent, or can't find them, there will be a get together every Tuesday, Thursday, and Weekends at Jay Nightblade's Briarwood lot at 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time). While here look for your opponent, or try to whisper them, if your still unable to find them by the end of the night leave a message on the site you belong to, telling who you are and who you couldn't duel, or tell your leader, or one of the other leaders (Jay Nightblade, Panders, Joker, Lil Jayden, or Caleb Mistocean) If at the end of the week, if you and your opponent haven't dueled, the Refs (Leaders of the Guilds) will decide what to do, whether whoever showed up and left the messages (showing they were trying more often) would win (most probable),whether they both lose, one randomly wins, etc.

-When dueling your opponent, you must duel for a best out of 3 matches (duel each other 3 times and who ever wins twice wins that match). The winner And the loser of the match must both leave a message on their site (or tell a leader) confirming who won, or one person can leave a video or a screen shot

-There will be NO potions or orbs allowed (spheres and other stuff also banned), if you are found to have done this, even on accident it will be your opponents choice to whether you lost that match or to have a redo. (remember some shards give people back energy and health, if they are using some item like a potion it would show up on the side of the screen, not just above their heads)

-If there are any arguments, check to see if either one of you took a screen shot or a video as proof (highly recommended), if not then you will just have to do the duel over again or have a leader make a decision

-Any techniques are allowed, even running, a person can run as much as they like and if you exit because you get mad at them, you lose, people are also allowed to change weapons in a middle of duel, though that doesn't mean you have to stop attacking while they are changing weapons , and other basic strategies are allowed, no matter how annoying, though no Hacking, this includes teleporting to safety while in a duel.. Also lagging is not an excuse, you and your opponent Can come to some compromise , but they don't have to, your opponent has the right to go ahead and kill you as you lag and they would win

-There will be eight ( 8 ) placers, though only the top four (4) will get a prize. Also the top 4 placers in each job will go on to the Tournament of Titans, though if you place in more than one job, you can only choose one of your jobs to move on and the 5th place person of the job you didn't choose will take your spot, and so on.

-In the Tournament of Titans, all rules are the same except for the fact that Brawler Cannot use the Rage hammer and Warrior Cannot use the Berserk Axe, and that there will only be 6 placers in the tournament with the only the top 4 having prizes again (Besides bragging rights)

And of Course the Anticipated Prizes Are...

-First (1) placers for any job in the regular tournament will get two (2) prizes, first of all they will get the title "(Whatever job they won) Titan", such as winning the ninja tournament will give you the title "Ninja Titan" until the next tournament. Also they will get coins for two-thirds (2/3) of the people that entered the tournament times one thousand (1000), such as if forty-two (42) people entered the ninja tournament, the winner would get twenty-eight thousand coins (28,000)


-Second (2) placers will get half (1/2) of how many people entered the tournament times one thousand (1000), such as if 42 people entered a tournament, the person would get twenty-one thousand coins (21,000)


-Third (3) placers will get one-third (1/3) of how many people entered the tournament times one thousand (1000), such as if 42 people entered the tournament, the person would get fourteen thousand coins (14,000)


-Fourth (4) placers will get one-forth (1/4) of how many people entered the tournament times one thousand (1000), such as if 42 people entered the tournament, the person would get ten-thousand five hundred coins (10,500)


*There will also be special alternate prizes available, not known at this point, though they would be like winning the ninja tournament, you would have the opportunity to get any three (3) Flying Dragon/Striking Serpent piece of your choice instead of taking the money, a white swirly would also be available for an alternative prize, along with some old weapons such as a Glacial Bow and Luminous Weapons, and much more items, not known at this time but will be told to those who win :D

-First place in the Tournament of Titans will get you recognition across the guilds, the title "Titan Master" until the next tournament, and the choice of either a $10 SC code or a Robgoblin Cooking Mask (TCG) or a Skater Beanie (TCG) or some other prizes not know at this point or a Free design made for your house on any type of structure you want (easiest will be a castle, maze house, night club, etc)


-Second place in this prestigious tournament will again be recognition across the guilds, the title "Titan King" (or Queen) until the next tournament, and the choice of any one of the items 1st place did not choose.


-Third place in Tournament of Titans is yet again recognition across the guilds as this is still a great feat, along with the title "Titan Lord" until the next tournament and the choice of any one of the items 1st place and 2nd place didn't choose.


-Forth Place is recognition across the guilds, as forth out of the best of the best is still great. Along with the title "Titan Prince" (or Princess) until the next tournament, and the choice of any of the items left over from what the other placers didn't choose.



Also in this tournament Everybody is a winner tournament... we all get to meet new people and have a great time over the next month or two XD

Have fun everybody, and remember, this tournament is brought to you by Crusaders so praise them often :P

Monthly Prizes Started

Posted by Jayrenegade on June 24, 2010 at 12:36 AM Comments comments (8)

           As we have now reached fifety (50) people in the guild, i will start the monthly prizes. As this month is already started, all the prizes shall actually oficially start next month, except for the Crusaders award which shall be given out at the end of this month. Please keep in mind this monthly prizes, pay close attention to the rules, and remind tons of people to join this site so that they too can partake in these events :D


What is the Best Crusader-Productive Art Contest?

          Each month, Crusader will have a Monthly contest to see who has done the most as creating something to do with Crusader, it can be a picture, painting, a video, something in your House, etc. The top two will win and have their name in Crusader history and 10,000 coins per piece that wins.

          As I, Jay Nightblade, am rewarding people, this does not apply to me. Also we have the right to deny this reward if nobody has done anything worth while. If you have something you want us to look at, just send a message to me, Jay Nightblade on this site, AKA JayCrusader, or i might just randomly found that you did something. We are flexible as Art is very broad so if you did something and you want to know if it counts, just ask.

What is the Honorable Member Award?

This award is given to those who have helped the guild a lot, different than that of the Crusaders Award, as that could be opinionated and also is for those who have changed the guild, this award is given to those who have gotten the most people to join the guild (only counts if they are good people who doesn't cause fights and are active) and the guild site (if they don't join the site, it doesn't count as joining the guild, upon joining the site, they will be asked who invited them to the guild). The award as all others is name in Crusader's history and 10,000 coins per winner.


What is Best Quote of the Month Contest?

           As the name suggests, the people with the top two quotes during the month, either submitted, in the testimonials, or anything else win this. The prize is name in Crusader's History and 10,000 coins per quote. We have the right to deny this to anybody if nobody's quote is really good. As I, Jay Nightblade, am giving out the rewards, i can't compete.


What is Most Forum Posts of the Month Contest?

          Well as the name suggest, the top two winners in this get this prize, the prize is name in Crusader's history and 10,000 coins, though we do have the right to deny any winners if nobody really did anything. As I, Jay Nightblade, am giving out this prize i don't apply.


What is Crusaders Award?

          We do have a Member of the Month contest each month, given to those who have shown to be try Crusaders, this award has a prize of name in Crusader's History and 10,000 coins each winner and there can be one to three winners.

          The winners are the people that have helped out the guild the most or in the biggest way that month, and if you think you should be one then you can't just help out yourself or other people in the guild (though that helps a lot), go above and beyond by spreading our name on the Freerealmsinsider, or on the Freerealms forums, or in Freerealms, transform the guild by bringing in great friends that don't cause drama and are online often or making the ones that are in the guild better and make them feel welcomed.

Free Purple Triceratops Pet!!!

Posted by Jayrenegade on May 9, 2010 at 9:08 PM Comments comments (4)

Hey guys this is Jay Nightblade reporting as the friend of one of the 1st who figured this out (Lolaya) and has got the pet. He was investigating when he saw that this was true, not a scam!!! It worked for me and him!! Get a free Purple Triceratops pet!!! Just follow these instructions


Heres the real info!!!


In celebration of the 1 year anniversary, Massive Online Gamer and Free Realms have released a 1,000 Purple Triceratops pets into the wild. You can now get one for free. All you need to do is get an account at , then log in with your acount, then scroll down a bit and you will se a ad like this, Click on it and then just follow those instructions, it worked for me so try it out!!

This is one of the first reporters reporting what Lolaya has reported on the so called free item, Jay Nightblade here, when Crusader gets the News from Renegade. :D

Insiders Reporter

Posted by Jayrenegade on May 2, 2010 at 9:27 PM Comments comments (3)

 Young Report Presents: Crusaders

Hello this is a young reporter working checking in on other guild saying there weakness and specialty. I say this guild...Crusader is a very nice brand new guild. 

Crusader leader is Jay Nightblade. He has told me this brand new guild is trying its best to be drama free. Also he has experienced lots of drama before in guilds such as Renegade or Nexus. I have [given] him a tip to success. Always have consequences for the people that cause the drama.
Thank You and please check on this guild!!