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Welcome to Crusader! Feel free to look through the site and say ohh and ahh numerous times, This guild came about from the splitting of the guild Imperious along with many new people. We hope to have events throughout the month along with monthly prizes, please come and enjoy our guild!!!

Head Officer: Miles Emeraldblade

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Free Realms Sunrise

Posted by Jayrenegade on April 17, 2019 at 2:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi Team!

In case you hadn't heard: Free Realms is dead — long live Free Realms Sunrise! For the past few years, this emulator project has endeavored to return the beloved family MMORPG that ran from 2009 to 2014. While Free Realms Sunrise isn’t ready for a full-fledged release, the volunteer team behind it is excited to show off the progress that it has made on the MMO so far. (

Give the progress video a quick watch below and see if it might trigger some fond nostalgia in you!

Lastly, if you are interested in keeping tabs or reconnecting with old buddies, feel free to join our Discord Server:

Best Wishes,

Jáy Nightblade

Crusader Auction

Posted by Prince Tridon on August 14, 2012 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Crusader Auction

If you are looking for something you want cheap but are having a hard time to find it then you can possibly get it at Crusader Auction.

Are you tired of not getting things you want cause of just a simple item you dont have.

Are you just looking for something to have fun with then a auction put on by Crusader is the place to be.

Auction Rules

  1. If you bid on a item make sure you have the payments ready to pay for the item.
  2. Make sure you keep track of what you buy so just in case there is a mix up or something.
  3. Please try to play fair and dont be a jerk cause you dont want them to have it.
  4. Also, the sellers have the right to have a reserve (price that the seller has on the item before they can sell) on the item before they sale.
  5. And no cursing or swearing at anyone or the auctioneer cause they were trying to skip you or look over you.
  6. And if you are going to sell some items in the auction, Crusader gets 25% of what you sell at the auction after you get done selling.

Auction Sellers

This is where our participates put there names who inticipate on selling at the auction.

If you are not planning on selling anything at the auction, just come out and have a good time and bid on some items of your choosing that catches your eyes.



Posted by Jayrenegade on April 29, 2012 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (7)

Just a question to see if anybody's out there, would you guys want this guild revived to what it was before and have events and everything?

Taking Charge

Posted by Jayrenegade on December 23, 2011 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (1)

Hey Crusader's audience of the 5 people who look here!! I'm sorry but i'm making this brief because i just got my wisdom teeth out and yeah well it kinda hurts a little...I had said back in August that i would be quiting freerealms for like half a year. Well because of love for you guys and other circumstances i have been able to stay on for much longer (: Although i've hardly been active. Now the time has come for me to quit until wrestling season is over, its nothing you guys have done, its actually because i love you guys so much that i can't be leader being as inactive as i am.

Prince Tridon is taking over as main leader, he knows what to do and if he has any questions i will still be around after all. Also Reegii and Miles Emeraldblade were made leaders along with many new officers. I just know you guys will do great without me and if all goes well then i will be able to come back and join Prince Tridon as co-main leaders in a couple months, well bye!

Lets Get Ready to Rumble!!!

Posted by Prince Tridon on December 19, 2011 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (1)

Well it is time again for another Crusader event!! Aren't you excited? xD This time we picked to have a TCG tournament and here's the info...


TCG Tournament


Free Realms of Course, Server 7


Saturday January 14, 2012 at 8 PM EST

Sunday January 15, 2012 at 8 PM EST


-Post here to sign-up or tell me in game

-There no is sign up fee of any kind

-Double Elimination, top 6 placing, top 3 getting a prize

-Have Fun, and do Not Cheat,

-If you're found cheating then you'll be immediately removed from the guild, plus probably have no chance of being in any guild that we are allied with

-I will be posting brackets on the site after enough people sign up, the brackets won't be complete until time of tournament

-I reserve the right to cancel any tournament that i feel does not have enough participants

-I reserve the right to push a tournament into the next convient day if it seems that too many people are having to leave half way through


-Double Elimination Tournament

-Each duel is best 2 out of 3 games

 -1st place gets Sunstone Valley Lot or 300,000 coins

-2nd place gets Glaciator 5000 or 200,000 coins

-3rd place gets Baron Von Darkcheat costume or 100,000 coins

Tournament Brackets

1st- Zigzagger

2nd- Jáy

3rd- Prince Tridon

4th- Master Yellow

5th- Luke Sparklebow

6th- Crazy2 Dude

Its Started!!!

Posted by Jayrenegade on September 4, 2011 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Overall Brackets

Also on this post i shall continue to update the teams point each week. Remember to try to duel one opponent each weekend and one opponent each week. Also most important remember...


1. Its your job to find your opponent and duel them, I will help though.

-If you wish you can try to have a Crusader Officer/Leader there to ref the matches but this is not required

-Before engaging in a duel, make sure your opponent knows the rules too, atleast for the first 2 rounds


2. NO Potions, Orbs, Illusions, Chance-To-Heal-When-Hit Shards, or Glitching (I consider the teleport to help a glitch)

-WATCH OUT for Vampire Shards. Though they my seem like healing, it does actually look different than energy potions. Leaving a match when mistake is up to the other person to decide whether or not to count it as a win or a redo.

3. Each match is a best 2 out of 3 duels

-If somebody used a potion, etc. then 1 of those matches counts as a loss, not all 3

-No excuses shall be allowed, we’re sorry but if your lagging or anything else, your opponent has the right to kill you

-Notify a leader or officer or this site when you win or lose.

4. There shall be no cursing or any other kinds of bad sportsmanship


Ninja's of the Realms

Posted by Jayrenegade on August 14, 2011 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (10)

Hosted By ©2010 €rusaders Inc.

Jáy Productions

This is going to be a Ninja Tournament of dynamic proportions! It will be both an individual and a team tournament, so you can enter as a team (has to be Guild) and win as an individual. Then as the tournament progresses, as with most team tournaments, each win from your team's players in the winner brackets gets your team 4 pts and each win in the consolation bracket gets 2 pts, along with points for placing in the tournament: 16 pts for 1st place, 14 pts for 2nd place, etc. the whole way to 8th place. IMPORTANT: THE MORE PEOPLE THAT ARE ON YOUR TEAM, THE MORE OPPORTUNITY YOUR TEAM HAS TO SCORE POINTS.

To enter this tournament just leave your name here and whenever you are usually able to get online (loosely such as nights or weekends, etc.) and if you are participating as a guild then also your Guild’s name (I encourage this because then you have the option if others from your guild sign up later). Also eventually you should add me as a friend in Freerealms or one of Crusader officers. If you are particular with your friends, then you and your opponent will have to post on here about who won. Both need to confirm it.

The tournament is either going to be 64 people or 128, so if over 64 people sign up, expect the first round of winners bracket and consolations bracket to have many forfeits. As far as seeding goes, they are going to be random except that i'll try to pair people up who are online usually at the same time and based on the fact that I will try as hard as I can to keep people from the same guild dueling each other. I do hope this tournament does well, I have hosted tournaments while leader of Renegade, Imperious, and Crusader but never something on this scale, if this does go well then I plan on making it annual, and may bring in other jobs, maybe.

Who: Whoever signs up

What: Giant Guild Ninja Tournament Thingy

When: Sign-ups before August 31; Happening Month of September

Where: Freerealms of course silly!

Why: Well to be quite honest this is for my benefit xD I love dueling ninja and want to see if anybody out there can beat me in a tournament, there are 3 people who have before, but they’re retired. However I am not ignorant enough to say that I know everybody in freerealm, so that’s where this tournament comes in handy. So far I’m like 8 time undefeated in Renegades, Imperious, and Crusader’s Tournaments and look forward to dueling in this one (I love winning tournaments because then I get to save the prizes for other tournaments)


-Any Breaking of the rules is a warning for First Offense and kicked out of tournament and Crusader Events as Second Offense-

1. Its your job to find your opponent and duel them, I will help though.

-If you wish you can try to have a Crusader Officer/Leader there to ref the matches but this is not required

2. NO Potions, Orbs, Illusions, Chance-To-Heal-When-Hit Shards, or Glitching (I consider the teleport to help a glitch)

-WATCH OUT for Vampire Shards. Though they my seem like healing, it does actually look different than energy potions. Leaving a match when mistake is up to the other person to decide whether or not to count it as a win or a redo.

3. Each match is a best 2 out of 3 duels

-If somebody used a potion, etc. then 1 of those matches counts as a loss, not all 3

-No excuses shall be allowed, we’re sorry but if your lagging or anything else, your opponent has the right to kill you

-Notify a leader or officer or this site when you win or lose.

4. There shall be no cursing or any other kinds of bad sportsmanship

5. In order to enter the tournament you are encouraged add Jáy, tell us your ign, loosely wat times you can get online, and your Guild.

-The fancy á is made by holding down ALT and typing in 0225

-The officers in our guild are Miles Emeraldblade, Kai, Elite Locos, Horohoro, Royal Ryan, Allen253, Thundero, and Kimberly Emeraldblade, and Xaedric.

6. Each time one of your team members advance in the winners bracket they get 4 pts, every time they advance in the consolation bracket they will get 2 pts. Individual 1st place awards your team 16 pts, 2nd place is 14 pts, etc. the whole way down to 8th place

-Consolation Bracket is any bracket not in the winners bracket, this tournament shall be double Elimination until you go for 5th/6th and 7th/8th

-The only reason i keep saying team is because even though it has to be your guild, your guild can have more than one team.

7. This Tournament is going to span the month of September, so there will be plenty of time to duel your opponents, and I’ll try to do it that 1 round of Winner’s bracket and 2 of consolation happen each week.

-You have until August 31, 2011 to enter this tournament

-If you and your opponent haven’t dueled by the end of the week then we’ll have to choose a winner or if extenuating circumstances then postpone a few days

8. I reserve the right to modify these rules if I find that I had left anything out or that one of the rules needs correcting

-I also reserve the right to cancel the tournament if not enough people show up

9. The most important rule i saved for last is to make sure you all have fun!!



Okay, I saved the prizes for last because I knew that was the only way to get you to read the rules, and if you did skip over them, I advise you to go back and make sure you read them carefully before entering.

Before reading remember that any other donations, while coins or rare ninja items, will be accepted with much hugs and kisses. Coins we can always use help with and the items will be used so there can be more prizes, or greater ones.

Individual Winners:

(The actual winners of the tournament, doesn't mean you had to enter as an individual)

1st Place-400k along with a choice of a Luminous or Glacial Weapon (I have 5 total), and a Flying Dragon Sword, and a Striking Serpent Sword

-This of course also comes along with the proclaimed Title: Ninja of the Realms

2nd Place-300k along with choice of a Luminous or Glacial Weapon (1st place chooses first)

3rd Place-200k along with Full Goth Set

4th Place-100k along with 2 Chatty Backpacks

5th Place-80k along with Punker Pants

6th Place-80k

7th Place-60k

8th Place-40k

Guild Winners:

(Teams with the most points)

1st Place-100k per member along with a set of old school ninja gear per member (i have like 10 sets to choose from, only 1 of each kind though)

-As with the previous first winner, the recognition/accomplishment that comes with this is great also

2nd Place-100k per members along with a balloon sword and omen sword per member

3rd Place-80k per members

Most Spirited/Team Unity-50k per members


Crusader- 3,520,000 Coins

Jay- Glacial/Luminous Weapons & Omen Swords & Balloon Swords & 9 sets of Old Ninja & Chadty Backpack & Flying Dragon Sword

Renegade- Balloon Swords & Striking Serpent Sword

Jake Granitewave- Old ninja gear

Relentless- Balloon Swords & Omen Swords

Double Trouble-  Being Awesome

Hotwings- 1,500,000 Coins

Quena- Full Goth Set & Chatty Backpack & Punk Pants


Entry Lists-

Crusader- Jáy, Miles Emeraldblade, Prince Tridon, Elite Locos, Thundero, Conner Jadenight, Gaurdian Zach

 Crusader 2- Xaedric, Rock Hopperflare, Seph Reyess

 Renegade- Jake Granitewave, Lolaya, Jezzi Jumbleboots, Raven Moontrekker, Zäk, Falcon Startrekker

Relentless- Commander Conner, Rosalyn101, Lucas Aeroblade, Shadowz

 Mystic Mayhem- Nixxy,

 Double Trouble- Hotwings, Adwin Castor, Karen Souldancer

Volcom- Sand Smuggler,

 Modern Gates- Nick,

 Mooniaks- Traci Moonstone, Cody, Hero, Blazefreak, Taratus, Kyle Majesticmeadow, Matt sharpscribe, and Warrior

Mooniaks 2- Peaches

 Dot Hackers- Scarlett Stoneheart, Junior Warriorstone, Pure Panthera, Coconut Passion, Travis Blazegem, Silverdust55, Alek Darkheart, Toxic Jessica2


 Supreme Ninja


Jayda Majesticgem

That Lady



Month of August Event Signups

Posted by Jayrenegade on August 12, 2011 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Okay i know we Announced these events before, but here is an actual list and sign up forms. Make sure to read all of this, sign up, circle the date on your calendar, and show up to have fun!

Housing Contest

When: August 15-August 18

What: 4 Day building period

Categories: Best Overall, Most Creative, Most Fun, Best Guild Colors

Prizes: 50 Grand to each winner. Along with additional 20 grand to most spirited person

How: Just sign up here or tell Jáy

Rules: Have Fun while building

Do Not Copy other people's designs

Full Guild Meeting

When: August 21, 8:00PM- 10:00PM

What: A full guild meeting to discuss problems, party, and have fun

Prizes: Raffles for items and Questionaires 10k coins each

How: Sign up here for the raffles or contact Jáy (Costs 10k to enter all the raffles)

TCG Tournament

When: August 27, 9:00 PM- 11-59 PM

What: Join the normally scheduled Freerealms Tournament and duel others to win!

Prizes: 100k for 1st Place (of signed-up players) & Choice of Consumable & Choice of lvl 6 card in Bank

80k for 2nd Place & 2nd Choice of Consumable & 2nd Choice of lvl 6 card in Bank

60k for 3rd Place & 3rd Choice of Consumable

20k for Best Deck

20k for Most Spirited

How: Sign up here in advance, contact Jáy, or just show up

Theme Day 3

When: August 31

What: Wear you favorite Summer Luau Clothing!

Prizes: 10k to winner. If tie then winner is most spirited.

How: Instead of wearing that drab clothing you usually wear, or walking around in your birhtday suit, wear some Luau clothing, and make sure an officer/leader sees youy!

Clash of the Mumpkins!!

Posted by Jayrenegade on August 3, 2011 at 9:09 AM Comments comments (3)
Register for Clash of the Mumpkins!


If you'd like to join Clash of the Mumpkins for a chance to receive a massive award (If you're in the Top 10 registered players) this is how!

All you need to do is put the name of the character you are using to participate in the tournament. Simple as that! If you're thinking that you have no chance to come in the Top 10 don't worry! You have plenty of time to practice and build your great deck for the tournament! Don't give up!!!



You must sign up before Midnight EST, August 23rd. 







1st Place- 300,000 Coins + $10 SC!!!

2nd Place- 300,000 Coins

3rd Place- 200,000 Coins

4th Place- 150,000 Coins

5th Place- 50,000 Coins

6th-10th Place- 10,000 Coins each

;D Prizes will be delivered during the weekend by Sinjin Vancleef ;D






August Events

Posted by Jayrenegade on July 30, 2011 at 9:28 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey ppl, there are tons of new events comming out for august, so be sure to check the calendar. We have a few cool events availible for you guys to take part in:


  • Racing Tournament: You all create teams of 4, and race together in the freerealms race tracks, for the first round, the first and second place winners advance to round 2, then the winner of that advances to the final and wins the grand prize. (Idk wht it is yet)
  • TCG tourney: Just enter the regular 9-12 pm TCG tourney, top 3 Crusader placers get a prize, top 6 go into the hall of fame.
  • Theme Days: A new concept i came up with just to mix things up, our first one the guild colors day (what ever those are), they kinda are like the failed idea of school spirit days, just more fun
  • Party, Raffle, Givaway Event: This Grand event is hosted in My Seaside Lot, and we will feature a ton of Givways and contests, as well as a continuous party throughout, a raffle will also take place.
  • Hide and Seek: A sure well known past time, well when we were all preschoolers. But who cares, its fun, trust me. You get to find people, items, and other objects scattered around certian areas of the world. The first winner seen at the site gets a prize. *Rules* you MUST disable all dots, and arrows on your screen, if you are caught porting to people, you will be disqualified.(Just to keep it fair to others)
  • Housing Event: A housing/ apartment theme will be chosen and each contestant is given a 4 day period to build the building(s) that matches the theme(s), the judges will grade the houses accordingly (For more info see "Crusader Events" area on the website)
  • End Of Summer Celebration: Ok nobody tell me its not in august, because i know, its on September 2nd. Join Us to say Goodbye to summer one last time! Were hosting a party in the Seaside Cliffs, near all the huge mansions.
  • Guild Meetings: Maybe not an event, but still be sure to join them! If your an officer then come to the montly council meeting, but for a change, the entire guild will also be able to participate in the full guild meeting
  • Fasion Show: Show off your style in the fasion show (its pretty self explainatory), hosted by Prince Tridon


If you need any information about these events, contact me, jay, or any other officer, and check out the august calendar on the guild site(The events are listed as "Guild event" and a number (1,2,3....), just click on it to get more information of date time and location. (If it says: Location to be annouced, that simply means an officer or Leader will decide where it is at the last minute, and everyone will just port there)

And if you need more Information on what a certian guild event even is: Just look at the Crusader events area of our site (Duhh)

-Commander Conner (Or to many CoXnner) xD


EDIT: Also added is Angry Birds as August's Game of the Month